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Welcome to My Recovery Space – a private addictions counselling organisation created by addiction specialists to help people who are wanting and hoping to break free of an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction.

Addictions come in many forms and often provokes feelings of shame, fear and desperation. At My Recovery Space, we understand how this feels and are here to help you to recover from your drug addictions, alcoholism or gambling problems.

We pride ourselves on working with you to build a personalised treatment plan designed to maximise your success in stopping your addictive behaviours. Honesty and integrity are a huge part of our Recovery Values.

We advocate recovery within the comfort and familiarity of your own environment. Research shows that people with drug and alcohol problems have a higher probability of long-lasting recovery when they undertake specialist treatment and continue with recovery peer-led support whilst  living in their own surroundings.


We will not promote expensive drug and alcohol rehab facilities if they are not required. 

My Recovery Space approaches drug and alcohol rehabilitation from a position of non-judgement, compassion, and honesty. Our uniquely tailored, approach ensures the delivery of a holistic, measurable programme of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. 

We know, from our own recovery experience and training, that by giving clients the right tools, support and empowerment to build their own unique recovery framework, coupled with personal investment and determination, long-term recovery from addiction is assured.

We also work with individuals who need alcohol and drug recovery aftercare services if there has already been detox and/ or a stay in a residential rehab facility. We can work with you if you are having, or had a home detox and have the correct clinical support in place if you have needed it.

My Recovery Space Values and Affirmations at a glance

Our clients’ recovery is at the heart of everything we do, you are worthy of a life free from addiction.

We will help you can take back control of your life from alcohol, drug problems or gambling addiction.


Our online counsellors build therapeutic relationships based on honesty and trust.

We believe in inclusivity; our addiction recovery programme works in harmony with peer support organisations such as Smart Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and their 12 Step programmes.


We also welcome those of us who prefer not to follow mutual aid groups for their addictions, or their drug and alcohol problems. Those of us who prefer to just talk one to one, with a specialist drug and alcohol counsellor for safe and informed guidance.

My Recovery Space will help you with any alcoholism, drugs or gambling addiction. We will help you recover from destructive, addictive behaviours and help you to understand why you may been stuck in cyclic loops for long periods of time. Whether you are looking for online drug, alcohol or gambling counselling or you need a slightly more structured addiction program, then we can help.

Our drug and alcohol online counselling specialists will help you through your journey into recovery from addiction.

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