To free our clients from the burden of substance misuse and other life impacting addictions, through a highly effective and respected online counselling programme that inspires long-lasting recovery.



our story

Our story started much like yours, with suffering and despair and in search of help. However, when we came looking we couldn't find anyone who really understood what living life with an addiction is like. Not first hand at least and who really got what we were talking about and what we were actually going through.

It is for this reason, that following our own personal recovery successes, we decided to create an authentic online addictions counselling service to assist others in need of addiction support.

Our specialist addiction counsellors take a holistic view to addiction recovery and use a combination of approaches and techniques to help break addiction cycles for good, whether that be drug addictions, alcohol dependency or gambling disorder.

treatmenT from the comfort of your own home

We advocate recovery within the comfort and familiarity of your own environment. Research shows that people with drug and alcohol problems have a higher probability of long-lasting recovery when they undertake treatment and continue with recovery peer-led support, whilst  living in their own surroundings.

We therefore deliver our counselling services via secure online video calls to connect with you wherever you feel most at ease.

our values

  • Authentic – We recognised, through our own experiences of recovery, the need to create the MRS programme

  • Passionate – We are absolutely committed to helping others achieve sobriety

  • Experience-led – Each one of our client facing team is proud to be in recovery themselves

  • Understanding – We operate from a position of knowledge and real-life experience of living with a substance misuse issue; we will never, ever judge

  • Respectful– We acknowledge all other recovery programmes and seek to respect their collective place within the world. We believe total recovery is possible and we do not label any of our clients as ‘alcoholics’ or ‘drug addicts’

  • Ethical – Our programmes are not based on profit maximisation but on what is appropriate for the client. All our services are offered at a reasonable price

  • Client-centric – Maximising successful recovery outcomes are at the heart of everything we do. We are obsessed with delivering an enlightening client experience

  • Innovative– We will use technology smartly to maximise our client experience whilst endeavouring to keep operating costs to a minimum

  • Informed – We heavily invest in the continuous training and development of our family of employees

  • Collaborative - We will work with our clients to help them understand their misuse issues, achieve sobriety, help them connect with their authentic-self and rebuild self-esteem

  • Evidence-based – Our practise is based on validated scientific study, recognised psychotherapeutic approaches combined with the latest coaching practises

  • Reciprocal – We are enormously motivated to help as many people achieve a life without dependence and to help them experience the happiness and freedom this choice creates; there is always hope


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