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Initial consultation just £30

What starts off as a bit of fun at weekends can soon become a full-blown cocaine habit. We know because we've been there.


If you find yourself doing coke during the day or can't buy a pint without scoring a gram then you might have reached that point.

Our specially trained Cocaine Counsellors are here to help you get your cocaine use under control and to put you on the path to lasting recovery.

signs of cocaine problems or coke addictions

​There are many symptoms of cocaine addiction, including:

  • Do you do coke more than once a week?

  • Have you ever tried coming of cocaine but couldn't stay stopped?​

  • Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty after doing coke?​

  • Have your relationships with friends become distant?​

  • Do you spend less time with your family and more time with friends who do coke?​

  • Are your family and friends concerned about your cocaine use?​

  • When you stop taking cocaine, do you experience cocaine withdrawal symptoms?

  • Has your cocaine use begun to impact your job?​

  • Are you getting into debt because of your cocaine use?

  • Do you do coke when you are alone?


cocaine treatment plans | counselling for cocaine problems

Our treatment starts with an initial consultation at a cost of £30. This session is used to understand your situation and to assess what support you will need.

Costs for subsequent cocaine counselling sessions are outlined below:



Pay-as-you-go. Ideal for taster sessions or occasional support with your cocaine problem.

50 min

£60 / session



Enough time to understand your your goals and to form an cocaine recovery plan.

6 x 50 min

£330 (£55 / session)



Provides everything you need to free you from your coke habit for good.

12 x 50 min

£600 (£50 / session)

what to expect during your Cocaine counselling

  • Private 1-to-1 online counselling - confidentiality is guaranteed

  • A calm, compassionate and understanding Cocaine Counsellor who has real life experience overcoming cocaine addiction

  • A safe environment in which to discuss your cocaine problem and plan for your lasting recovery

  • A combination of approaches incorporating C.B.T, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), R.E.B.T, (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy), Memory Reconsolidation and Person-Centred Therapies alongside relaxation techniques/mindfulness and practical up to date neuroscientific evidence-based advice

  • We will never label you a "cocaine addict", or "coke addict" as we believe that labels are damaging and may prevent or slow down recovery

frequently asked questions

Why can't I stop taking cocaine when others can?

One of the most notable effects of drug addiction are the highs. After drugs are taken their effects can be felt pretty quickly. The high can be described as euphoric, users often feel a great sense of well being and a burst of energy. This is due to the substance's effects on the brain and its dopamine receptors. Drugs stimulate the nervous system producing unnatural levels of dopamine this triggers the body and brain’s “reward” system. As drugs are broken down in the system, the high subsides quickly, causing a crash. The crash can lead to depression and a very strong craving for more drugs, the avoidance of feelings associated with the crash drive repeated use and so the cycle of addiction begins. Not only can drugs hijack the reward centres of the brain, they also hijack memory. They create distorted versions of the last high enabling the user to 'forget' the negative aspects of the crash and how bad it made them feel. This manipulation of the brain creates feelings of helplessness and shame, which in turn drives the addictive cycle.

Do I have an addictive personality?

An “addictive personality” is a phrase that is very commonly used but what exactly does it actually mean? As a start, we have identified a series of traits more commonly associated with people who have addictive personalities: • A rebellious nature • An inability to stick your goals • A lack of clearly identifiable values • A predisposition towards symptoms of stress and anxiety • Feelings of negative self-worth • Difficulty saying no to others • A tendency towards social isolation • Difficulty changing existing behaviours (e.g. quitting smoking, drinking less etc)

Will I experience cocaine withdrawal symptoms?

Like most drugs, if you stop taking cocaine, you may experience a whole range of withdrawal symptoms. These can include: fatigue, vivid nightmares, irritability, anxiety, depression, paranoia, intense cravings for cocaine These symptoms, can be very unpleasant which leads people wanting to carry on taking cocaine in order to avoid the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms they're likely to experience when they stop taking it. This ongoing cycle of fear therefore means they're more likely to become addicted.

How to quit cocaine?

If you have a coke problem and want to quit cocaine then start by considering the folowing: 1. Explore your motivations for quitting. 2. Ask yourself who are you doing this for? (it should start with You) 3. Explore the reasons why you use. 4. Establish the extent of your current use (click here for material to help you with this analysis). This should help you work out if you can do this on your own or if you need to seek professional guidance (this does not usually mean rehab.) 5. Don't make bold statements at this stage of 'never using again', you are setting yourself up to fail. 6. If you have tried various attempts to quit and have not been successful, we genuinely advise you to seek professional guidance. 7. If you feel ready to do this, enlist the help of trusted family and friends to support you, set a quit date, take one day at a time, change your routines, understand some of the withdrawal symptoms you might encounter and prepare for them. 8. Make detailed daily plans to avoid boredom and old, cocaine associated routines.

Why is cocaine addictive?

Take a moment to quieten your mind (we appreciate that this in itself might be a challenge right now). Ask yourself why are you taking cocaine? Does it make you feel better, does it help you escape the stresses and strains of your life? Does it help your anxiety? Do you feel more interesting and approachable after a line or two? There are lots of reasons (both physically and psychologically) why you might have become stuck in the cocaine trap, one thing is for certain though, you can stop with professional help. Get in touch.

How long will it take for me to recover from my coke habit?

After years of addictive, destructive behaviour, it is normal to ask is recovery from coke addiction possible and how long will it take? Although it may seem impossible, overcoming your addiction can happen. It takes hard work, time and effort and you need to be prepared to make some life-changing decisions. Do it for yourself and not for others – if you truly have the desire to recover, anything is possible. The practice of recovery is a lifetime's work; a journey of true self discovery. The majority of addiction specialists however agree that treatment – in any combination – should last a minimum of 90 days to be most effective.

What happens if I relapse?

A relapse is not a failure. It is not the end of the road. At My Recovery Space, we will assess/reassess where you are in your recovery journey and kindly and compassionately guide you to get you back on track.


We are rated 5/5 from all reviews. 


I was trapped and spending a fortune every week. I was at rock bottom and just didn't know how to stop taking cocaine. I learned that my drug  counselor had been addicted to cocaine in the past and they gave me all the guidance and inspiration I needed to kick my habit too.  I never thought Id be able to but I did. :) 


After so many DIY attempts to quit my cocaine habit, I finally achieved my breakthrough with the help of Debs at My Recovery Space. Last weekend I had the first sober night out in years, thank you so much for your help, I feel so happy I am actually doing this and couldn't of done it with you xxxxx


My coke habit was completely out out control and I was going out of my mind. I thought I was going to need rehab but Mark helped me achieve it by myself . I understand my behaviours better now and the urges have gone. If you are  struggling coming of cocaine then Mark is your man.


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