At My Recovery Space, we help people who are having problems with substance misuse through online 1-to-1 counselling specifically designed by people who have had similar drug problems.


By far the best way, in our opinion, to get re-connected to yourself if you have a drug addiction, is to build a mutually trustful and respectful relationship with a trained drug counsellor who has been through a similar drug issue.

Your dedicated drugs counsellor will share what we have learned along our journeys of recovery from addictions and will give you the tools that you need to fight the thoughts, urges and cravings to ensure your success. 

drug addiction & substance misuse counselling

Specialist online drug counselling with someone who's been there

Initial consultation just £30


specialist help

with addictionS

Cocaine Addiction

 Has your coke or crack cocaine habit got out of hand? We know how that feels and we can help.


Problems with Ketamine / Ket? We can help free you from party drug dependence. 

Cannabis Misuse

In a bad place with Cannabis? We can help you to level out and make a new start.

Prescription Drugs 

We can help with prescription drug addiction including Codeine (opioids), Xanax (benzodiazepines).

Ecstasy / MDMA 

If the bad times are outweighing the good with MDMA / Ecstasy, we're here to help.

Other Drugs

We offer counselling for all drug addictions, help is available for you or your family here.

substaNce use disorder in the UK

According to the latest statistics on drug misuse (2019) from the Office of National Statistics  9.4% (or 1 in 11) adults in the UK had taken an illicit drug in the last year, perhaps more worryingly, this number rises to 20.3% (1 in 5) of  young adults aged between 16 and 24 years old.


Cannabis and Cocaine are the most popular drugs in the UK and their usage is on the increase.


Other substances that are misused include: 

  • legal substances (e.g. alcohol)​

  • Illegal substances, include opiates (e.g. heroin), other stimulants such as amphetamines and ecstasy

  • Prescription drugs, used in a way not intended by the doctor are also included under the substance misuse banner e.g. Valium, Xanax, Oxycontin etc 


For many people, legal or illegal recreational substance use can be a slippery slope to addiction. Substance use can become a problem once an individual starts using too often. Drugs and alcohol can very easily become an escape, and excessive use can make changes in our brain chemistry leading to addiction and the user may become drug or alcohol dependent.


Research taken on behalf of the Independent Scientific Committee for Drugs, showed that overall alcohol was the most harmful substance followed by heroin and crack cocaine in second and third place, respectively.


Regular substance use can have a significant effect on your mental and physical health often inducing feelings of anxiousness, paranoia, depression and lethargy as well as leading to other longer term,  serious health conditions.

signs of drug addiction

​There are many symptoms of drug addiction or substance abuse.


Ask yourself these questions to help identify if you have a substance misuse issue:


  • Do you use drugs more than once a week?​

  • Have you abused or been addicted to prescription drugs before?​

  • Have you ever tried to stop using drugs but couldn't stay stopped?​

  • Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty after using drugs?​

  • Have your relationships with friends become distant?​

  • Do you spend less time with your family and more time with friends who do drugs?​

  • Do your family members or friends express concern about your drug use?​

  • Has your drug use ever resulted in blackouts?​

  • When you stop taking your drug, do you experience any withdrawal symptoms?

  • Has your drug use begun to impact your job?​

  • Are you getting into debt because of your drug use? 

  • Do you take drugs when you are on your own?


flexible drug treatment plans

At My Recovery Space we work with you to overcome your drug problem through the implementation of a bespoke, 1-to-1 counselling programme tailored to your individual needs.

Our treatment starts with an initial consultation at a cost of £30. This session is used to understand your situation and to assess what support you will need.

Costs for subsequent drug counselling sessions are outlined below:



Pay-as-you-go. Ideal for taster sessions or occasional support with your addiction recovery.

50 min

£60 / session



Enough time to understand your your goals and to form a drug recovery plan.

6 x 50 min

£330 (£55 / session)



Provides everything you need to get you to a life free from drug addiction.

12 x 50 min

£600 (£50 / session)

what to expect during your drug counselling

  • Private 1-to-1 online counselling - confidentiality is guaranteed

  • A calm, compassionate and understanding counsellor who has real life experience overcoming drug addiction

  • A safe environment in which to discuss your drug problem and plan for your recovery

  • A combination of approaches incorporating C.B.T, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), R.E.B.T, (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy), Memory Reconsolidation and Person-Centred Therapies alongside relaxation techniques/mindfulness and practical up to date neuroscientific evidence-based advice

  • We will never label you a "drug addict" as we believe that labels can be damaging and may hinder recovery

frequently asked questions

Will I experience drug withdrawal symptoms?

If you stop taking drugs, you may experience a whole range of withdrawal symptoms. These can include: fatigue, vivid nightmares, irritability, anxiety, depression, paranoia, intense cravings for cocaine. These symptoms, can be very unpleasant which leads people wanting to carry on taking drugs in order to avoid the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms they're likely to experience when they stop taking their drug of choice. This ongoing cycle of fear and avoidance therefore means they’re more likely to become addicted.

How is My Recovery Space different from other drug counselling services?

My Recovery Space is an online, private counselling service that moulds its approach to suit the uniqueness of each client's life and situation. Our approach centers around evidence based, neuroscientific practise, life coaching (where appropriate) and mindfulness relaxation techniques. We are not box tickers as you may find in some charity based alcohol services. We do not follow the Twelve Steps (although we can work alongside for those in AA). Our counselling is more alligned to REBT techniques and Smart Recovery strategies. We also work from a place of lived experience, the majority of our team are in recovery themselves.

What causes drug addiction?

One of the most notable effects of drug addiction are the highs. After drugs are taken their effects can be felt pretty quickly. The high can be described as euphoric, users often feel a great sense of well being and a burst of energy. This is due to the substance's effects on the brain and its dopamine receptors. Drugs stimulate the nervous system producing unnatural levels of dopamine this triggers the body and brain’s “reward” system. As drugs are broken down in the system, the high subsides quickly, causing a crash. The crash can lead to depression and a very strong craving for more drugs, the avoidance of feelings associated with the crash drive repeated use and so the cycle of addiction begins. Not only can drugs hijack the reward centres of the brain, they also hijack memory. They create distorted versions of the last high enabling the user to 'forget' the negative aspects of the crash and how bad it made them feel. This manipulation of the brain creates feelings of helplessness and shame, which in turn drives the addictive cycle.

Why can't I control my drug use?

Many people think that all an "addict" has to is stop taking drugs in order to get well. If only it were that simple! How many times have you asked yourself why can't I just stop using drugs? How many times have you stayed up using a drug all night before some important event? Why does your drug habit seem to take control of you and make you do damaging, self destructive things? If some or all of these sound familiar, you are most likely at a point where you have lost control of your drug use and despite your best endeavours, you cannot stop. Admitting this is the first courageous step towards your recovery from subastance misuse, seeking professional guidance is our recommended next step. Our own experience has taught us that we could not do this alone, it doesn't mean you are weak-willed or hopeless, it is important you understand that you are in the grip of a physical and psychological addiction. Make the choice to do something about it. Get in touch for an initial consultation, let us guide you through your recovery.

Do I have an addictive personality?

An “addictive personality” is a phrase that is very commonly used but what exactly does it actually mean? As a start, we have identified a series of traits more commonly associated with people who have addictive personalities: • A rebellious nature • An inability to stick your goals • A lack of clearly identifiable values • A predisposition towards symptoms of stress and anxiety • Feelings of negative self-worth • Difficulty saying no to others • A tendency towards social isolation • Difficulty changing existing behaviours (e.g. quitting smoking, drinking less, etc.)


We are rated 5/5 from all reviews. 


Debs is easy to talk to and connect with. She's really helped with building my self esteem and I don't feel judged at all by her. It's great to have someone to listen to my story whilst encouraging me to move forward.


What started out as a weekend treat quickly turned into a daily habit. Coke initially seemed to take the edge off the stresses and strains of life however I soon began to feel out of control and full of self-loathing, why couldn't I just stop doing it? Debs was never judgemental and really helped me find the path to long lasting recovery. I never, ever thought I'd be free, but I am now :)


Cocaine replaced my personality, it very quickly created an alternative reality that I preferred compared to my everyday life. For me the success of the My Recovery Space programme is in the team's lived experience, the fluidity of their approach and the convenience of the online sessions. Debs and Mark guided me on my own journey to discover the tools I needed to start and succeed in my recovery. Thank you and it's never too late!!


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