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According to the latest statistics on drug misuse (2019) from the Office of National Statistics  9.4% (or 1 in 11) adults in the UK had taken an illicit drug in the last year, perhaps more worryingly, this number rises to 20.3% (1 in 5) of  young adults aged between 16 and 24 years old.

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Cannabis and Cocaine are the most popular drugs in the UK and their usage is on the increase. Other substances that are misused include: 

  • legal substances (e.g. alcohol).

  • Apart from cannabis and cocaine other Illegal substances, include opiates (e.g. heroin), other stimulants such as amphetamines and ecstasy.

  • Prescription drugs, used in a way not intended by the doctor are also included under the substance misuse banner e.g. Valium, Xanax, Oxycontin etc 

For many people, legal or illegal recreational substance use can be a slippery slope to addiction. Substance use can become a problem once an individual starts using too often. Drugs and alcohol can very easily become an escape, and excessive use can make changes in our brain chemistry leading to addiction and the user may become drug or alcohol dependent.

Research taken on behalf of the Independent Scientific Committee for Drugs, showed that overall alcohol was the most harmful substance followed by heroin and crack cocaine in second and third place, respectively.

Regular substance use can have a significant effect on your mental and physical health often inducing feelings of anxiousness, paranoia, depression and lethargy as well as leading to other longer term, serious health conditions.

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We help people who are having problems with substance misuse through online one to one counselling sessions specifically designed by people who have had similar problems. By far the best way, in our opinion, to get re-connected to yourself if you are having drug or drink problems, is to build a mutually trustful and respectful relationship with somebody who has been through similar drink or drug misuse problems. At My Recovery Space, we try to give back what we have learned along our journeys of recovery and share the success. We will give you the tools that you need to fight the thoughts, urges and cravings. 

Take a few minutes to consider the following statements in relation to your own substance or drug use. 

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then you might be developing a substance misuse issue:

  • Do you ever use drugs for something other than a medical reason?

  • When you use drugs, do you use more than one drug at a time? 

  • Do you use drugs more than once a week?

  • Have you abused prescription drugs before?

  • Have you ever tried to stop using drugs but couldn't stay stopped?

  • Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty after using drugs?

  • Have your relationships with friends become distant?

  • Do you spend less time with your family and more time with friends who do drugs?

  • Do your family members or friends express concern about your drug use?

  • Has your drug use ever resulted in blackouts?

  • When you stop taking your drug, do you experience any withdrawal symptoms?

  • Has your drug use begun to impact your job?

  • Are you getting into debt because of your drug use? 

  • Do you take drugs when you are on your own?

Here at My Recovery Space, we work with you to overcome your substance misuse issues through the implementation of a bespoke, one to one programme tailored to your individual needs. 

Contact us to find out more, we are here to help. 

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