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signs of gambling addiction | Am i a problem gambler?

​There are various signs of gambling addiction or indicators that you may need gambling help.


You may have a gambling problem if you:

  • Want to keep it secret or lie about your gambling activities

  • Want to gamble even when you don’t have the money

  • Experience mood swings and behavioural changes

  • Feel powerless to stop gambling

  • Suffer from gambling addiction withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop gambling

  • Have persistent thoughts about gambling (whether it is about planning the next session for gambling or reliving past wins)

  • Use gambling to recover money from previous losses

  • Feel restless when you want to cut back on gambling

  • Ignore family and responsibilities for gambling

  • Use gambling as your escape to distress and problems

  • Continue to borrow money from others to relieve debts because of gambling

If you or a loved one is suffering with a gambling addiction, we are here to help with our specialist gambling counselling.

Our team of experienced gambling counsellors use a combination of proven techniques to help you understand, manage and overcome your gambling problem.


Let us share our knowledge and wisdom from our own personal recovery experiences to help you stop gambling, regain control over your life and resume quality living.

gambling help for you and your loved ones

If you're concerned that your gambling has got out of control then you are not alone. Gambling has become a huge problem in the UK with £14 billion spent annually on nationwide and almost 350,000 people suffering from a gambling addiction. Gambling adverts are everywhere with enticing offers designed to get us hooked whether it be betting on the football or horses, online poker or roulette. 

At My Recovery Space we offer specialised addiction recovery services, gambling counselling, and expert support to problem gamblers, family members, and friends.


As experts in problem gambling, we believe that recognising and accepting your gambling problem is the first step to beating it yet the majority of people with the problem fail to acknowledge that they need help. The statistics show that only 5% of people with a gambling addiction or gambling disorder will seek assistance.

If a gambling problem is not addressed and left to develop, it can quickly get out of control and have a snowball of negativity effect on your life - negatively affecting your relationships, profession, mental health, and overall well-being. 


While it may feel impossible to overcome your gambling addiction, we help gamblers all the time to recover and lead a healthy life with healthier behaviours once again.

We strive to help you understand and accept your gambling problem. We will teach you techniques to help you to overcome your gambling addiction. We will help you to re-connect with yourself and learn all that is needed to regain the lost control over your life and enjoy healthy living once again.


flexible gambling treatment plans

Our gambling addiction treatment starts with an initial consultation at a cost of £30. This session is used to understand your situation and to assess what support you will need.

Costs for subsequent gambling counselling sessions are outlined below:



Pay-as-you-go. Ideal for taster sessions or occasional support with your gambling problem.

50 min

£60 / session



Enough time to understand your goals and to form you a plan to stop gambling.

6 x 50 min

£330 (£55 / session)



Provides everything you need to get you to a life free from gambling addiction.

12 x 50 min

£600 (£50 / session)

what to expect during your gambling counselling

  • Private 1-to-1 online gambling counselling - confidentiality is guaranteed

  • A calm, compassionate and understanding gambling counsellor who has real life experience overcoming addiction

  • A safe environment in which to discuss your gambling problem and plan for your lasting recovery

  • A combination of approaches incorporating C.B.T, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), R.E.B.T, (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy), Memory Reconsolidation and Person-Centred Therapies alongside relaxation techniques/mindfulness and practical up to date neuroscientific evidence-based advice

  • We will never label you a "gambler" as evidence shows that labels are damaging and prevent recovery

frequently asked questions

What are the causes of gambling addiction?

Both environmental and biological factors can trigger gambling addiction. Gambling impacts the brain’s reward centres just like alcohol or drug addiction. The brain releases a high amount of dopamine, which provides the gambler with a strong sense of satisfaction and perceived happiness. The rush that comes from gambling supplements and reinforces biochemical needs and neural pathways in the brain. Also, people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety may turn to gambling to ease their emptiness, void, and feelings of sadness. Help for these types of gamblers may vary depending on the underlying reason for their addiction. My Recovery Space aims to help the gambler get to the root cause of their gambling problem and we are experienced in working with and treating clients with dual diagnosis.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling for fun and enjoying it on occasion is relatively harmless and usually shouldn't lead to addiction. However, problem gambling can occur when the gambling spirals out of control and disrupts your life and those around you. Whether you bet on scratch cards, poker, slots, sports, or roulette, at the race track, online, or in a casino; addiction to gambling can lead to significant consequences. It can interfere with your personal and professional life and cripple you financially. You may even end up doing things you never thought you were capable of such as burdening yourself with increasingly mounting debt or stealing money to feed your gambling addiction.

How to stop gambling?

If you want to stop gambling, start with the following: 1. Explore your motivations for stopping. 2. Ask yourself who are you doing this for? (it should start with You) 3. Explore the reasons why you gamble. 4. Establish the extent of your current behaviour (click here for material to help you with this analysis). This should help you work out if you can do this on your own or if you need to seek professional guidance. 5. Don't make bold statements at this stage of 'never gambling again', you are setting yourself up to fail. 6. If you have tried various attempts to stop and have not been successful, we genuinely advise you to seek professional guidance. 7. If you feel ready to do this on your own, enlist the help of trusted family and friends to support you, set a stop date, take one day at a time, change your routines, understand some of the withdrawal feelings you might encounter and prepare for them. 8. Make detailed daily plans to avoid boredom and change existing gambling associated routines.

Is full recovery from Gambling Addiction possible?

After years of addictive, destructive behaviour, it is normal to ask is recovery from gambling possible. Although it may seem impossible, overcoming your addiction can happen. It takes hard work and effort and you need to be prepared to make some life-changing decisions. Do it for yourself and not for others – if you truly have the desire to recover, and armed with the correct, most up to date informstion for gamblers, then you can succeed.

How to help someone with a gambing addiction?

We are frequently contacted by the loved ones of those who are struggling with a dependence. The following signs may indicate your family member or friend has a gambling problem: • Your loved one spending more money and time on gambling than they can afford • They find it hard to manage or stop their gambling • You have arguments with them about money and gambling • They have lost interest in usual activities or hobbies like going out with friends or spending time with family • They always seem to be thinking or talking about gambling • They lie about their gambling or are hiding it from other people • They are chasing losses or gambling to get out of financial trouble • They frequently gamble until all their money is gone • They borrow money, sell possessions, and do not pay bills in order to pay for gambling • needing to gamble with larger amounts of money or for a longer time to get the same feeling of excitement or buzz • They neglect work, school, family, personal needs, or household responsibilities because of gambling • They increasingly seem anxious, guilty, depressed or irritable. If some or all of these sound familiar your loved one will more than likely need professional guidance to help quit their gambling dependence. Get in touch with us so we can advise you and discuss the best way forward.

I have a gambling problem - what should I do?

If you have are concerned that you have a gambling problem or need help with gambling addiction then get in touch via the form below to arrange an initial consultation so we can advise on the best course of treatment.

Do you have a gambling addiction therapist near me?

Yes. We provide all our counselling online and cover all areas of the UK, however we have local hubs in London and Leeds with more opening soon. For more details see our Regional Hubs.


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I dread to think where  I would be today without the help of My Recovery Space. I was registered on Gamstop and after drink found myself searching for non gamstop casinos online.  Thanks to Mark I learnt how to help my self with my gambling problems. Thank-you !  


Debs is knowledgeable, patient, respectful, and understanding. She really helped me see through the fog of my dependence and get my gambling addiction under control. I would definitely recommend her for anyone else looking for gambling help. 


I contacted My Recovery Space as I didn't know how to stop gambling. I have found Mark to be a great listener and he has provided me with the guidance I so wanted and needed. He is easy to work with and he really seems to care about his clients.


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